HCF Challenge

HCF Challenge

Really, the best way is just to try HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused® and experience the results for yourself and loved ones. But with that said, seeing how you stack up with the rest of the world is always a fun and sobering way to see just how much our health challenges could really be impacting our life. Over 700 professionals have accepted our HCF Challenge—See how you stack up below.

The HCF Challenge - ??%

HCF - happy - calm - focused

Rate how each of the following 25 statements describe you:

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Click on the bullet that matches your answer:

  1. 1) I often get stressed out with school, work, traffic, or simply life in general.
  2. 2) I feel there just aren't enough hours in the day and may procrastinate, especially with multi-faceted tasks.
  3. 3) I often have trouble sitting still, sitting in one place too long, or difficulty waiting in turn during group activities.
  4. 4) I have difficulty waking up, feeling fully awake, frequently tired or even difficulty falling asleep.
  5. 5) I can be very inconsistent with my performance at work, school, relationships or life in general.
  6. 6) I have repetitive, worrisome thoughts that I can't seem to turn off.
  7. 7) I can find it difficult to remember the name of an acquaintance after just being introduced.
  8. 8) I can feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to deal with everyday life.
  9. 9) I have difficulty learning new games and new skills and can sometimes transpose.
  10. 10) I often lack tact, often spurting out the first thing that comes to mind and then later regretting having said it.
  11. 11) I can have difficulty finishing tasks at work or projects at school.
  12. 12) I worry about what other people think of me.
  13. 13) I can frequently daydream, "space out", or have a tendency to drift away.
  14. 14) I can be cynical or critical of others and myself.
  15. 15) I am sometimes confused and forget names and words, might make up words, or quit talking to avoid mistakes.
  16. 16) I can become upset very easily or be "thin-skinned".
  17. 17) I sometimes have increasing difficulty comprehending reading material.
  18. 18) I sometimes feel like I want to cry and don't know why.
  19. 19) Things seem like they just take too much effort or I lack the energy to do them.
  20. 20) I have difficulty putting thoughts on paper or verbally expressing my thoughts and feelings.
  21. 21) I can sometimes be easily angered when frustrated, tired, rushed or surprised.
  22. 22) I am increasingly misplacing my things or missing appointments.
  23. 23) I sometimes feel apathy and lack of engagement in life around me.
  24. 24) I can sometimes have a negative attitude or have trouble maintaining friendships.
  25. 25) I can sometimes get lost spending excessive time on a project and I forget about it.