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“Sometimes you’ll find the people that look really shiny on the outside are miserable inside. Who can be happy all the time?”

“If you were to ask the people closest to me if I were a positive or negative type of person, I have no doubt people would tell you, overwhelmingly positive, “Susie Sunshine” at times. I have no choice. I am a personal trainer, so my clients require daily positive reinforcement. I am a wife and mom and I don’t want my husband and kids to get anything less than the best from me.

But, everyday life brings a lot of challenges. Raising kids is hard, no matter what people say. This economy has been a huge test on everyone, including our family. Add running a small business, making time to volunteer, trying to have some personal time—Not easy right? I think most moms and dads face the same types of pressure every day. But I feel like I have a secret that enables me to wake up every day and enjoy it and that is HCF.

I was exposed to HCF about ten years ago when I was young, going through a divorce, and not sure how my life was going to turn out. The science made sense to me, and as soon as I began feeling the benefits, I realized it was a “supplement for life” for myself and anyone I loved. It pulled me out of a huge funk at that time. It has been so consistent in keeping my moods even, my mind sharp, and my blues far away that I can’t say enough good things about it.

As a personal trainer, I am geared to instruct my clients on proper nutrition and taking vitamins. But what about feeding your brain? The big machine in your head that tells you to get up and go! What could be a more important supplement to take? If the seat of motivation is operating at a hundred percent, it is going to be a lot easier to follow through with everything else you know you should do, like eating right, exercise, being a kind person… :-)

Sometimes you’ll find the people that look really shiny on the outside are miserable inside. Who can be happy all the time?? That is the little secret I’ve come to live by and it is WONDERFUL!!”

- Juliana Lisheski, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, Ventura, CA, August 18, 2010

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